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  • Saving time at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD)

    Time-Saving Tips from an Authorized Third-Party MVD Provider Everyone wants to save time at a Motor Vehicle Department office. We've all been there—enduring long waits only to discover that a clerical error, missing, incomplete, or conflicting information means another trip back. It's a scenario that can turn a simple errand into a frustrating ordeal. But here's the good news: Authorized Third-Party Providers like Airpark Motor Vehicle Services in Arizona are here for your convenience. As a privately run operation regulated by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), we strive to offer the best experience possible to ensure your records are…
  • What is an “Authorized Third-Party MVD Provider” in Arizona?

    Convenient Access to Motor Vehicle Services Did you know that in Arizona, you can avoid long lines at traditional motor vehicle departments by visiting an "Authorized Third-Party MVD Provider (ATP)?" These providers offer a convenient alternative for handling your vehicle title, registration, and even drivers license and road testing needs at certain locations. The Authorized Third-Party Motor Vehicle Services Program In 1993, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) introduced the Authorized Third-Party Motor Vehicle Services Program. The goal was simple: to expand access, reduce wait times, and improve efficiency. By partnering with private sector companies, Arizona created a network of…