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We offer both the Class D and Motorcycle written test at our Scottsdale office, where the process is convenient and quick. Our comfortable, stress-free environment and friendly staff make passing your tests a breeze. 

Take the Road Test with us to earn your driver license! The test is administered in English only and takes about one (1) hour to complete, including verifying that your vehicle is in working condition before going on the road. You will drive in your vehicle with an examiner who will assess your driving skills in various traffic situations. For fairness and consistency, all test takers follow the same procedures and grading policies set by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (ADOT MVD).

If you pass, you will be issued temporary license for immediate use until your permanent one arrives in the mail. If you fail, don’t sweat it. You can try again when you’re ready to ace it.

Occasionally, weather conditions may impact our ability to conduct the road test. Check ahead with us if you’re unsure!

This is a standardized test based on the Arizona Driver License Manual. To pass, you need a minimum score of 80%, which means getting at least 24 out of the 30 multiple-choice questions correct. Take a few practice tests and stop in whenever you’re ready to take the written test!

Permit test takers under 18 are eligible take the test at 15 years and 6 months old. A parent or legal guardian must accompany them to their visit. In cases of divorced parents with joint custody, both must be present. If one can’t attend, we’ll need to verify their notarized signature on the back of the completed Arizona Driver License Application, in addition to the test taker’s identification documents. For guardianships, bring the adoption decree or guardianship paperwork.

This is a standardized test based on the Arizona Motorcycle Operator Manual. To pass, you need a minimum score of 80%, which means getting at least 20 out of the 25 multiple-choice questions correct. Stop in whenever you’re ready to take the motorcycle written test!

Once you pass the motorcycle road test at your preferred instruction facility, come get your Driver License endorsed at our office! Simply provide certified proof of fulfilling all required driver instruction from an ADOT-approved training provider along with your required identification documents.

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Frequently asked questions

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Plan for approximately one (1) hour, not including the written test if required.

You’ll start with safety procedures, followed by the driving evaluation with an examiner, covering various traffic scenarios. The road test is conducted exclusively in English, and no assistance is provided throughout. Every test taker is subject to testing procedures and grading criteria set by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

If you pass, we’ll issue a temporary license for you to use until your official one arrives by mail. If you don’t pass, you can test again on another day.

Yes, your vehicle must have a valid registration, insurance in Arizona, and be in full working condition.

You can schedule an appointment or walk in between 8AM-4PM, Mon-Fri. Our last Road Test is at 4PM, excluding the time needed to take the written test if required. Keep in mind that our ability to conduct the Road Test depends on these key factors: your eligibility, completeness of your documentation, and operational condition of your car. Sometimes the weather can get in the way too, so it’s a good idea to call ahead!