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Registering your vehicle could be a simple process until it’s not!

There are times when online searches and phone calls take up too much time to get the answers you need. Search results might not be clear or up-to-date. Our certified team is here to assist you in getting what you need while adhering to the latest state motor vehicle regulations, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

Arizona owners have the option to register their vehicle for 1, 2, or 5 years depending on the vehicle’s emissions requirement. Rules and document requirements can vary based on factors like changing ownership status, relocation, vehicle alterations, legal proceedings, and more. 

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Here is where we can provide you with the extra set of eyes you need:

  • New Arizona Residents: Motor vehicle requirements vary from state-to-state. Transferring your vehicle registration from another state to Arizona could involve a few more document requirements, especially if the vehicle is leased or has a lienholder, for example. 
  • Out-of-state Vehicle Purchase: Arizona residents may encounter paperwork challenges when buying a vehicle from a dealership from another state. Each state has its own motor vehicle regulations, and dealership procedures may not align with Arizona’s specific document requirements. 
  • Vehicle Registration Suspensions: Vehicle suspensions can occur for various reasons, impacting your ability to legally drive your vehicle. Common examples include overdue fines, unresolved traffic violations, or insufficient insurance coverage. When faced with a suspended registration, eligibility requirements require additional documentation such as valid proof of insurance, details about your vehicle, proof of cleared violations, and payment for any outstanding fees.
  • Specialty and/or Personalized Plates: For those seeking specialty and/or personalized license plates, we can ensure accurate processing of your unique plate requests.

Not all situations are straightforward, and we’re here to make the registration process friendly and helpful. Get immediate clarification and guidance. Visit us today and let us help you navigate Arizona motor vehicle requirements with confidence.

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All vehicles registered in Arizona must have auto insurance issued in the state of Arizona.

Welcome to Arizona! To register your vehicle(s) for the first time, come to our office with the Title and Registration Application, available for on-site completion. Bring a valid form of ID, the original title(s), and any additional documents from your leasing or financing company if applicable. If your vehicle is 5 years or older, make sure to bring the current Arizona emissions test. It’s important that all owners listed on the title are present during the registration process.