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Leave the paperwork to us while you focus on the road. Our IRP/IFTA services will handle your IRP/IFTA registration and renewals, fee calculations and more!

Experience the peace of mind of knowing your paperwork is in expert hands. Our team of motor carrier experts are well-versed in the intricacies of trucking regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring your fleet remains fully compliant and legally up-to-date.

Our Account Management Services Include:

Often called “apportioned” or “prorated” registrations, an IRP allows you to pay prorated fees based on the percentage of highway mileage traveled in each state. This can significantly reduce your registration expenses, which means substantial savings compared to paying full fees in each state. Let us help you out with your registration and renewal process!

The CAB card serves as proof of registration for vehicles authorized to operate in multiple jurisdictions under the International Registration Plan (IRP). Commercial vehicles carrying CAB cards must have them available within the vehicle in the event of roadside inspections or any situation where showing compliance with IRP regulations is necessary.

Form 2290 is a document used for reporting and paying the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), a federal tax for heavy vehicles operating on public highways. This form is specifically designed for trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 55,000lb or more, showing details like taxable gross weight and mileage. Truck owners and operators are required to complete Form 2290 and submit it to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) annually. Accuracy in completing and submitting this form is crucial to meet tax requirements and avoid penalties.

We’re here to help you navigate the filing process, ensuring compliance with HVUT regulations, and allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead!

Trailer registration in Arizona is determined by the trailer’s use and weight, with options for regular registrations of varying durations or permanent registration. Permanent registration eliminates annual billing for vehicle license tax and registration fees, making it a cost-effective choice for trailer owners.

Whether you’re making a new vehicle purchase, selling a vehicle, or transferring ownership, consider it covered as part of the services we offer. We ensure your fleet stays up-to-date with efficiency and accuracy at every turn.

*Temporary credentials are issued. Official credentials will arrive in the mail.

We handle everything from getting your initial “apportioned” plates to easy renewals, ensuring your fleet’s plates are current for your commercial operations.

Whether you’re growing your fleet or retiring older vehicles, count on our dedicated team for an efficient account update experience. Let us tackle the intricacies of managing vehicle units for your IRP/IFTA account, freeing you up to focus on driving your business forward.

An IFTA decal is a sticker that commercial vehicles display to show compliance with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). It simplifies reporting and payment of fuel taxes for vehicles operating in multiple jurisdictions. The decal includes essential information and serves as visible proof of IFTA compliance.

Worried about renewal, or adding a new vehicle to your fleet and switching out an old one? No stress. We’ll make sure you get the latest decal. Lost or damaged your decal? – we’ll get you a new one. If your operational footprint expands to new jurisdictions or if there are changes in your base jurisdiction, we’re here to make sure your decal reflects those changes.

Motor carriers under the IFTA agreement are required to report and pay fuel taxes based on the distance they travel across different states in the US and Canada. These taxes contribute to maintaining and improving road infrastructure in the states where the roads are traveled.

An IFTA bond acts as a form of security or insurance, ensuring that carriers fulfill their fuel tax obligations when transporting goods or passengers across state lines. This guarantees fair contributions from all carriers operating within the IFTA framework. Let us help you get your IFTA Bond!

IRP and IFTA fee calculations involve a combination of vehicle-specific details, mileage traveled, and jurisdictional rates. Accuracy in reporting and compliance with the regulations of each jurisdiction is crucial to ensure correct fee calculations and to avoid penalties for non-compliance. We can help you navigate these calculations accurately!

Ensure accurate fee assessments and minimize future complications. Let us handle the updates for your vehicle weight declarations, especially when there are changes in weight-carrying capacity or actual weight.

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We stay on top of the latest changes and updates in state trucking regulations and compliance requirements. Through our services, we help you navigate the complex landscape of motor carrier operations, ensuring all registrations are renewed on time and your fleet stays current with the latest documentation, plates, and decals.

Our services are designed to assist you with MVD-related tasks. From IRP/IFTA registration to renewals, fee calculations, and record updates, we ensure a hassle-free process, allowing you to devote full attention to your core operation.