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Streamline Your Fleet Management by Registering Your Permanent Fleet

Make multiple vehicle renewals more manageable. Consider registering for a Permanent Fleet.

Managing multiple vehicle renewals throughout the year can be an overwhelming task on all levels, whether you’re managing for yourself, household, or for your company. Managing your vehicles should make sense to you and your needs. A Permanent Fleet account with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (AZ MVD) and our Perm Fleet Management services is the perfect solution to streamline compliance, saving valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. Let us help you reclaim lost productivity and resources.

Benefits of a Permanent Fleet Account

  1. Efficient Renewals: A Permanent Fleet account allows you to renew all vehicles simultaneously instead of dealing with individual renewals for each vehicle at different times of the year.
  2. Customized Renewal Dates: Renew on your terms – pick the timing that suits your schedule or aligns with your business cycle(s). This way, you’ll always know when it’s time to gear up for renewal.

  3. Easy Monitoring: Putting your vehicles into a single perm fleet account can make administrative work more straightforward. Monitor renewals and compliance status for all vehicles simultaneously so that you can plan for necessary maintenance and repairs well in advance of your renewal deadline(s).

  4. Streamlined Compliance: Centralized management of fleet renewals enhances your ability to stay compliant with AZ MVD. Eliminate costly oversights and penalties when every vehicle can be renewed on time.

  5. Hands-free MVD: When renewal time approaches, leave it to our experts to get it done – we’ve got the whole process covered. Count on us year-round to get your all vehicle transactions processed and records updated to comply with the latest regulations.
  6. We come to you: Talk to us about getting on our pick up and drop off schedule for volume work if you’re in the greater metro Phoenix area.

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All you need is two (2) in your household or business under the same ownership entity.

Registering your fleet as a Permanent Fleet with Arizona MVD allows them to have a shared expiration date. It is customizable to your needs, you get to choose when they renew at different times of a calendar year. This way, the risk of missing renewal deadlines is substantially reduced, you can ensure that maintenance does not fall behind schedule, and plan to budget accordingly.

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