Level 1 Inspection

Get a Level 1 Inspection for Your Vehicle

A Level 1 inspection in Arizona ensures that your vehicle meets the state’s vehicle identity standards.

In Arizona, a Level 1 Inspection is a critical step in certain situations to verify that a vehicle’s information aligns accurately with its title and other documents, ensuring precise identification. This type of inspection might be necessary when there are discrepancies between a vehicle’s physical characteristics and its paperwork or when modifications to the vehicle require a re-evaluation of its official description.

The Level 1 Inspection Verifies Correct Information
During a Level 1 Inspection we will check key components of the vehicle including:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): A clear and accurate VIN is crucial for ownership records, insurance, and law enforcement purposes. If the VIN plate is missing, altered, or not easily readable, a Level 1 Inspection is necessary to confirm the vehicle’s identity. Ensuring proper documentation can safeguard against fraudulent activities.
  • Odometer Reading: Accurate mileage is important for valuing the vehicle and understanding its wear and tear. The inspection confirms that the odometer reading is consistent with the vehicle’s documented history, protecting against odometer fraud.
  • Vehicle Make and Body Style:  Sometimes, mistakes or changes can make details inaccurate between how your vehicle actually looks compared to its documentation. This inspection makes sure your vehicle’s make and body style match what’s on the official records, fixing any differences and keeping things accurate.

Given the variety of reasons why a Level 1 Inspection may be necessary—from registering an out-of-state vehicle to rectifying discrepancies, each situation demands specific documentation and information. Vehicle owners should be prepared to present the required details, such as proof of ownership, identification, and any relevant receipts or documentation related to the vehicle’s condition and history during the inspection.

Bring your vehicle to our office along with proof of identity and ownership documents. We’ll take care of the rest. Not sure if you need a Level I Inspection? Contact us!

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A Level I inspection serves to match a vehicle’s identification number (VIN) with its corresponding ownership documents and, in some cases, to confirm that the vehicle is appropriately equipped for highway use. This is often necessary when registering a new vehicle in Arizona, out-of-state vehicles that lack proof of title and/or registration, or obtaining a bonded title.

Simply bring your vehicle and necessary documents, including receipts or invoices (if applicable) to our office during business hours.