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Staying proactive about your registration renewal keeps you compliant and helps you avoid unnecessary late fees.

Enjoy hassle-free and quick registration renewal at our office. Our prompt and friendly renewal services cater to busy individuals, business owners, new and used vehicle dealerships, and those managing commercial vehicles traveling beyond state boundaries. 

Our Vehicle Registration Renewal Services Include:

  • Vehicle Renewals: Renew your vehicle registration(s) with a certified MVD Specialist who can answer all your questions and address any concerns about your vehicle record(s).
  • Fleet Renewals: Whether you’re overseeing renewals for yourself, your household, or managing them on behalf of a company, our vehicle renewal services offer a more efficient approach. If you operate two (2 )or more vehicles, consider the convenience of consolidating your renewal dates with a Permanent Fleet account. This option provides the flexibility to choose when and how often your vehicles renew. Qualifying for this solution is easy – just two (2) vehicles under a single ownership type are required. Read more about our Permanent Fleet Services to see if having a Perm Fleet Account and utilizing our ongoing fleet management services could be a potential solution for you!

  • IRP/IFTA Renewals: Planning to expand your business operations and take your commercial vehicles across state lines? If you’re in the commercial trucking or passenger transportation business, interstate transportation rules might apply to you, depending on your vehicle size and business type. We offer registration and renewal services compliant with the International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Talk to us to see if meet the criteria and how our ongoing services can keep your vehicles compliant and on the road.

Here’s what you need to renew:

Whether you’re an individual, transportation logistics manager, or business owner, let us take care of your registration renewals and experience service designed to simplify your vehicle renewal needs!

Schedule an appointment to minimize your wait time during peak hours or walk in at your convenience.

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Along with a Title & Registration application that can be completed at our office, bring your current registration, proof of insurance, and proof of emissions testing if your car is five (5) years or older. Requirements may vary by vehicle type. Contact us or visit our office for personalized guidance.