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Transferring ownership of a vehicle requires careful attention to detail and following state-specific regulations. Sometimes, it may take longer than expected.

A successful title transfer is contingent upon ensuring that all information provided is accurate and consistent across multiple documents. While every situation is unique, the following are common scenarios that can cause delays in the transfer process:

  • Title Errors: A vehicle title can be invalidated for various reasons, including discrepancies, incorrect information, missing signatures, alterations, missing lien releases, and improper endorsements in title reassignments – just to name a few.
  • Probate: Ownership transfer after the owner’s death may involve additional probate procedures with the next of kin.
  • Different Ownership Entities: Transferring between individuals, businesses, and trusts requires extra verification to prove who may sign on behalf of the owners or sellers.
  • Out-of-State Transfers: Moving ownership across state lines may involve paying additional state taxes and fees at the time of transfer.

We’ve got your back. Simply bring in your documents for a consultation, and rest assured, we’ll help ensure that your vehicle ownership change gets done correctly.

Here’s what you need for a Title Transfer:

  • A completed Title and Registration Application
  • The current Title filled out by the previous owner.
  • The odometer reading if the vehicle is less than ten (10) years old.
  • Proof of Identity, such as your Driver License
  • Emissions test for vehicles over five (5) years old

And, if applicable:

  • Bill of Sale
  • A lien release or clearance from the lien holder if there is a lien on the vehicle
  • Original or certified copy of Power of Attorney
  • Original personal representative papers such as a Trust

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Complete a Title and Registration Application before or at our office. Bring with you the current title filled out by the previous owner (with odometer reading for vehicles less than 10 years old) and proof of identity, such as a Driver License. Vehicles older than 5 years require an emissions test. Additional documents such as a Bill of Sale, lien release, Power of Attorney, or Trust papers may also be required depending on your situation. Ask us for assistance with determining what you need!

Common eligibility challenges include errors on the car title, post-owner’s death legal procedures, incomplete lienholder information, transfers involving various ownership entities (individuals, businesses, trusts), and out-of-state transfers with state-specific rules. Requirements can vary across different situations. Let us help you navigate the specific requirements that apply to your situation.

Title discrepancies, incorrect information, missing signatures, alterations, missing lien releases, and improper endorsements in title reassignments are common errors that can invalidate a title. Let us help you determine what steps to take to correct them!

When transferring ownership across state lines, there might be additional Arizona state taxes and fees during the transfer, depending if the vehicle is bought from an individual or dealership. If you’ve already made the purchase, consider using our services to ensure compliance with the latest motor vehicle regulations!