Vehicle Sold Notice

Have You Sold A Car in Arizona? Protect Yourself With A Vehicle Sold Notice.

Selling your car to another individual requires more than just handing over the keys

Sellers must report to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (AZ MVD) within ten (10) calendar days of transferring ownership. This ensures that both AZ MVD and law enforcement have the most recent record of the vehicle’s current owner.  Whether you sold your vehicle online, to a neighbor, a friend, or family member, you could still be held responsible for it after the sale. 

Without updated ownership information, sellers might find themselves on the hook for towing fees, storage charges, or other related penalties if the vehicle is towed or found abandoned on federal, state land, or private property. Worse, sellers may run the risk of facing legal action if the vehicle they sold is involved in a crime, thus adding more serious consequences for missing this AZ MVD requirement. 

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Frequently asked questions

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A Vehicle Sold Notice acts as a “receipt” of your transaction with AZ MVD to verify that you have transferred all motor vehicle record responsibilities to the new owner. It serves as protection from potential liabilities stemming from incidents involving the car under new ownership, such as accidents or criminal activities.

Yes, you should still file a notice even if your vehicle is being sold for parts, considered salvaged, or donated to an organization. In the event the new owner attempts to complete a new transaction with the MVD, it would be wise to completely remove yourself from the ownership record of the vehicle.