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Hassle-Free Name, Address and Photo Updates to Your Arizona Driver License

Update Your Driver License!

Moving, marriage, or divorce are a few life events that might require you to update your Driver License. Whatever the reason is, we’ll help you get it done. Here is what you need to:

Change your name with the Social Security Administration first. Bring in a completed Arizona Driver License Application, along with the original or certified copy of whichever document that applies to you below:

  • Marriage certificate to change your last name
  • Divorce decree to revert to your previous name
  • Court name change order for reasons other than marriage or divorce
  • Certificate of Naturalization if you recently became a U.S. Citizen
  • U.S. Passport, if you’ve applied for and received a new passport issued in your new name.

Complete the Arizona Driver License Application with your new address. Bring this in along with your current driver license. No proof of new residence is needed unless you are upgrading your Standard (Non-Travel) Driver License to a Travel ID Driver License. Learn about additional Travel ID requirements here.

Maybe it’s time for a fresh photo. Stop in to take a new photo, and yes, you may smile for the picture!

Is your name, address, or birth date printed incorrectly on your Driver License? Let us fix it for you! Fill out and bring with you the Arizona Driver License Application, or complete one at our office. Bring official documentation showing the correct spelling of your name, address, or birth date.

Contact us for more information about the process, or to discuss what might be required in your situation.

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Frequently asked questions

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Absolutely, and you can even smile in your photo! Complete an Arizona Driver License Application or fill it out at our office.

Complete an Arizona Driver License Application either before your visit or at our office and bring proof that links your name to your new address. Since temporary credentials are issued statewide and official credentials come by mail, don’t forget to update your new address with USPS® to ensure your license won’t be returned.

First, update your name with the Social Security Administration. Once that’s done, complete an Arizona Driver License Application before your visit or at our office. Bring an original or certified document that supports your name change, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree (for a last name change), court name change order, or Certificate of Naturalization (for a first name change). A U.S. Passport showing your new name is also acceptable.

If there’s a mistake on your Driver License regarding your name, address, or birth date, we’re here to help. Bring in official documentation that shows the correct details along with a Driver License Application that you can complete before your visit or while at our office.