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Get a Duplicate or Replacement Title for Your Vehicle

Need a Duplicate Title?

There are many reasons why a duplicate title is needed. Typically, you’ll need a new one if it’s damaged or missing. However, consider getting a duplicate or replacement title sooner than later if you happen to come across these common scenarios:

The most common reason is losing or misplacing the original title. If the original title document is misplaced, damaged, or lost, getting a duplicate is critical to prove ownership.

In the unfortunate event of theft, the last thing you want is your stolen title circulating. Obtaining a duplicate title immediately following theft renders the stolen title invalid, ensuring rightful ownership of your vehicle.

Having an original title is vital when selling or transferring vehicle ownership. If the original is not available, obtaining a duplicate title is necessary to legally complete the sale or transfer process.

Consider getting a duplicate title to update your legal name after a marriage, divorce, or any court-approved name change. This proactive step will minimize the paperwork required to prove your name change in future vehicle transactions, ensuring a smoother process whenever needed.

If the original title is damaged or becomes illegible due to accidents, spills, or natural weathering over time, obtaining a duplicate ensures a clean and readable title.

A vehicle title could be entirely voided if certain errors or alterations are found. Getting a duplicate will ensure that all information shown is correct and untampered. Not sure if your existing title is still valid? Bring it into our office for a review!

Sometimes the original vehicle title is not readily available when a vehicle is inherited from a deceased owner. In cases like this, heirs and beneficiaries choose to get a duplicate title to facilitate the ownership transfer. Additional legal documents may be required, especially if the deceased owner did not leave a will.

Vehicles that are financed will remain under the financing institution’s, or lien holder’s, name and ownership until the vehicle loan is fully paid off. After the loan is paid off, lien holders must release the lien before owners can obtain a title issued in their name. Having the most recent ownership information right away will potentially lessen the complexity of future vehicle transactions—especially if the owner plans to sell the vehicle after repaying the loan.

For owners of vintage or classic vehicles, having a duplicate title might be beneficial, especially if the original title is missing, illegible, or too delicate in its original condition.

In various court proceedings, such as probate or divorce settlements, obtaining a duplicate title may be necessary to establish ownership as part of legal requirements.

Regardless of the reason, obtaining a duplicate title helps vehicle owners maintain up-to-date and accurate legal proof of ownership. 

Here’s what you need to get a Duplicate Title:

  • A completed Title and Registration Application
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of Identity, such as your Driver License
  • If the vehicle is owned by a trust or business, bring proof showing that you’re authorized to sign on its behalf.
  • Both owners must be present if dual ownership is designated with an “and” or “and/or.”

Additional documentation might be required depending on the scenario, so bring in your paperwork and let us help you figure it out.

Statewide, temporary credentials are issued for immediate use until the official ones arrive in the mail.

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