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An Arizona Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) is a detailed report that contains historical details about a driver or vehicle. It acts as an important resource for employers conducting background checks, insurance companies evaluating risk, legal professionals gathering evidence, or investigations. This report is available as certified or uncertified, depending on your needs or how far back the history needs to go.

Certified vs. Uncertified MVRs

Certified MVRs provide an overview covering the past ten (10) years and are commonly used for official purposes like court proceedings. On the other hand, uncertified MVRs provide shorter history, going back five (5) years, and are typically used for personal reference or less official matters.

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It’s important to know that the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (AZ MVD) has strict rules about who can access these records. If you’re getting an MVR for someone else, there are extra steps involved, like confirming your identity, stating the purpose, and getting written permission. 

Our trained team knows how to navigate these steps to make sure we follow state and federal privacy laws. Let us guide you through the process, making sure you get the information you need – officially and legally. 

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A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) report, sometimes referred to as a driving record, provides up to 10 years of information about a vehicle’s history or a person’s driving history. MVR reports are useful in various situations including pre-employment screenings, adherence to DOT regulations, risk management assessments, legal procedures, and investigations. Ask if our record search service is right for you.

The difference between certified and uncertified MVR reports lies in the timeframe covered and the intended use, whether for personal or legal purposes